What is the added value we offer for our clients?

The mission of EiBPM is to support our clients in achieving their business goals. Our range of services includes the implementationof best practices in business processes management, the utilisation of the manyfold benefits of process models as well as process-based approaches to compliance management and the preparation and supervision of certifications.

In addition to these more economic topics our services also particularily cover the support of business processes with modern information technology. This includes the development of IT strategies and IT architectures as well as the design of concepts for enterprise reporting and business intelligence. In addition we support our clients with the implementation of concepts in these areas and also offer ERP systems consulting.

Typical examples of the diverse benefits of these services for our clients are:

    • Substantially improved communication between management, business units and IT experts
    • Enhanced alignment of organisational structures, business processes and IT architecture to corporate strategy
    • Minimisation of manager liability risks with client-specific approaches tocompliance management
    • Process optimisation for quality improvements, added value enhancements and cost savings
    • Risk management e.g. for the introduction of ERP systems
    • Significant simplification of certifications against every standard
    • Future-proof IT strategies and IT architectures for investment protection
    • Management support with consistent up-to-date reports and analyses
    • etc.